Saturday 9 January 2016

High Autumn

Autumn colour in Milton Country Park was at its peak during late October and early November: the park was engulfed in a sea of yellow.

Oak tree with red leaves surrounded by yellow and green foliage
Remembrance Meadow - 28 October 2015

The few trees whose foliage did turn red, like this oak tree in Remembrance Meadow, were dramatically highlighted by the surrounding tidal wave of yellow.

Poplar trees behind visitor centre with yellow, red and green leaves
By Visitor Centre - 15 October 205

This row of poplar trees on the banks of Todd's Pit provide a flaming backdrop to the visitor centre.  These  trees were among the first in the park to change colour, and subsequently among the first to lose their leaves entirely.

Birch tree with yellow foliage towers above hedge
Remembrance Meadow - 28 October 2015

Also on the south side of the park, the yellow foliage of this birch tree catches the sun and makes a dramatic contrast with the darker sky beyond.

Trunk and branches of willow tree silhouetted against mass of yellow foliage
East Bank of Dickerson's Pit - 25 October 2015

Elsewhere in the park, the display was no less spectacular.  In the woods on the east bank of Dickerson's Pit, the willow, hawthorn and birch trees all turned yellow at the same time.  As shown in this image, the view through the woods was one of a wall of yellow leaves.

Seat bathed in yellow / green light
Hall's Pond - 25 November 2015

On the east bank of Hall's Pond, this seat was bathed in a yellow / green light from the sun filtering through the willow and sycamore leaves.

Path turned into a tunnel of autumn foliage
Path Besides Wetlands - 25 October 2015

A combination of sycamore and hawthorn turned this path running between Deep Water and Wetlands into a tunnel of green and gold. 

Bank carpetted by fallen leaves
By Sundial Mound - 2 November 2015

As autumn progressed, leaves dropping off the trees created a carpet of gold beneath.  

My next two posts will both be about this most colourful time of year: firstly looking at the beauty colours of the fallen leaves; then, how autumn changed the appearance of the water in the park.

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