Saturday 16 January 2016

Autumn Leaves

The changing colour of the leaves not only transforms the trees, but also the ground beneath with a carpet of red, yellow and gold.  This post documents that carpet in Milton Country Park.

Yellow leaves on a grassy mound
North of Deep Water - 8 October 2015

One of the earliest trees to start decorating the ground was this tree on the green north of Deep Water.  This early in October, few if any of the other trees in park had started to change colour.

Fallen Oak Leaves
Remembrance Meadow - 28 October 2015

These oak leaves were below the tree in Remembrance Meadow that I featured in my last post.

Red and Yellow fallen leaves
By Fen Road Exit - 28 October 2015

In that same post, I noted that there was very little red in the park in autumn.  Here, hidden away in the wood to the left of the path leading to the Fen Road exit, the ground was covered was brightly coloured leaves from a single plane tree.

Path in the woods carpeted in yellow leaves
South of Park - 2 November 2015

But the overwhelmingly predominant colour in the park was yellow.  Here the path through the woods is completely hidden beneath the leaves.

Close up of carpet of fallen leaves
South of Park - 28 November 2015

Elsewhere in the same woods, the ground is covered by leaves from almost every type found in the park.  This image includes field maple, willow, oak and hawthorn.

Multi coloured willow leaves around tree base
South East Corner of Park - 8 November 2015

Once on the ground, willow leaves develop a range of colours including a dull purple and various shades of red and brown.  

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