Saturday 23 April 2016

Winter Weather

What winter weather? 

Frosted picnic bench
Play Area - 21 January 2016

The winter of 2015 / 2016 was one of the mildest winters on record. Winter weather in Milton Country Park was confined to a few light frosts, all of which had disappeared by mid morning. No snow at all. With that in mind, you will understand why I left this post to the very end, and it will be one of the shortest posts in the project so far.

This first picture is a fair summary of the winter: sufficient frost to turn the grass a lighter shade of green, a table well covered in rime, and almost nothing on the trees. It is somewhat ironic, that in one of the dampest winters, there was never a freezing fog to coat the trees in sparkling ice.

Gulls standing on ice around clear water
Dickerson's Pit - 19 January 2016

A couple of mornings were cold enough to partially freeze the water in the pits and leave the gulls standing on the ice around a small patch of clear water. A sort of bird's swimming pool.

Leaves with ice crystals around the edges
Remembrance Meadow -  6 March 2016

Finally, the ground vegetation did get etched with ice crystals. I particularly liked the pattern here.

As I said, a short post.

My next post will be looking at some pictures of the country park before I started this project. Included will be a couple of images of a real winter with snow on the ground and ice on the trees.

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